Music and Prayer to Order Your Day.

  • Prayer

    Oramus is Prayer

    With the Oramus app we are seeking to facilitate prayer and reflection throughout your day to help you be mindful of God's presence in your life.

    Leave the app on all day! Throughout the day we'll play all 20 mysteries of the Rosary. At 3p Eastern join us in praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. And we'll play the Angelus at 6a, 12p, and 6p Eastern.

  • Music

    Oramus is Sacred Music

    What if you could take the monastery with you? With the Oremus app, we are seeking to help you take sacred space with you.

    In addition to designated times for prayer, we'll play quality sacred music recorded in religious communities around the world. We'll play a mix of Chant and Polyphony with no distracting commercial breaks.

  • Membership

    Join the Oramus Community

    The app, with 24/7 commercial free Sacred Music and Prayer is 100% free of charge! Enjoy the calming influence that a prayerful atmosphere brings

    But you can get so much more if you join the Oramus Community. We are partnering with major Catholic publishers and retailers who are offering discounts exlusively to our members. As the app and community grows, we'll also offer opportunities to pray with and for one another.

    Keep watching this space to learn how you can join the Oramus community!

  • Oramus is Prayer
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